The Fastest Way to Transition to a Virtual Practice and Achieve More Happiness

A Step-By-Step Proven System

Doctors who transition to a virtual practice quickly and easily have discovered how to do one thing that the others have not...they have hacked TIME by following a PROVEN SYSTEM. 


When you follow a proven system, you know exactly where you need to focus, you have more predictability in your path, you know what your next steps will be and you know how to deal with any adversity that comes up. 


Finding the right mentor who has achieved the success you want, who has a proven track record of helping others get there, and who is someone you are aligned with and appreciate as an individual…is the fastest way to get from where you are to where you want to be with the LEAST amount of WASTED TIME and MONEY.


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Dr. Emma's Story

Introducing the Proven

7 Step Process

​The Best Way to Transition to a Virtual Telehealth Practice

The Virtual MD Program was created based on my own experience transitioning from a brick & mortar practice of 10 years to a virtual one. I have found that it works best as a 7 step process in this order:  


  1. MINDSET & PLAN. Envisioning, Reverse Engineering Your Ideal Practice, Lifestyle Income Plan, Your Spiritual Vision, Your Daily Mindset Practice. 
  2. LEGALITIES & POLICIES. Making sure what you want to do is feasible, legal and you create the paperwork needed. 
  3. IDEAL CLIENT, OFFER & MESSAGING. Finding Your Niche, Dialing in Your Messaging & Ideal Client, Creating Your Offer.
  4. THE FUNNEL. Attracting New Clients, Creating Trust, Technology, and the Customer Journey.
  7. DELIVERING YOUR PROGRAM. Choosing Your EHR, Delivering Supplements, Labs and Communication with Clients.

Don't recreate the wheel...use my experience transitioning from a brick and mortar to a virtual practice and take the shortcut to the finish line. 

It was only by going through this transition that this process became clear to me. 


Take a quick tour around...

Watch the video below for the tour...

"Dr. Evan Hirsch has helped to take our integrative health clinic, Capital Integrative Health, to the next level. He has a wide array of experiences in building and expanding integrative health services. Dr. Hirsch has the detailed know-how and, just as importantly, true passion for healing that will make his advice indispensable to any aspiring integrative doctor wishing to build a sustainable and successful clinic. I feel grateful to have connected with someone so talented who is so willing to share his experiences so that others may learn from them. Thank you, Dr. Evan!" 


- Andrew Wong, MD, 

Co-founder, Capital Integrative Health

START the Process by Downloading the FREE "ENVISION YOUR IDEAL DAY" Worksheet!


    Sleep better knowing that you have less headaches, better systems and more predictable income. 


    Have more of an impact on the world by support people across state and national lines. Leverage your time. 


    Work from home and feel an ease to your day. Have more time with patients AND your family. 


    Learn how to make the amount you want to make while seeing the number of patients you want to see. 

"Evan has been extremely helpful in helping me take my integrative holistic clinic to the next level in its evolution. Thank you Evan."  


- Fred Klemmer

Co-owner, Heart of Wellness


START the Process by Downloading the FREE "ENVISION YOUR IDEAL DAY" Worksheet!

Meet The Doctor

Evan H. Hirsch, MD
The Virtual MD Coach

  • Creator of the Fix Your Fatigue ® Programs & 10-year expert in resolving fatigue -- having done so for myself and thousands of others

  • The #1 best selling author of the book, Fix Your Fatigue: The 4 step process to resolving fatigue, achieving abundant energy and reclaiming your life

  • Speaker on 30+ stages, podcasts & summits

  • Specialist in helping exhausted high achievers reach next level energy so they can achieve new levels of success in every aspect of their lives

  • Specialist in helping burned out doctors transition from a brick and mortar practice to a virtual practice so they can reach new levels of success in their work and personal lives

  • On a mission to help 1 million people resolve their fatigue

  • Competitive singer, musical lover, dancer, traveler, father & husband

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a Physician Assistant and curious if your program allows me to practice independently (without a supervising physician)? ​

Why should I become a coach?

Are you able to write prescriptions as a coach?

But I like writing prescriptions. I worked hard to get my degree and the ability to prescribe medications. Should I give that up?

But don’t I need to write prescriptions in order to provide the best care possible to my patients?

Okay. I believe now that I need to be a coach to achieve my personal and professional goals, but how do I learn how to practice functional medicine without prescribing medications?

If I don’t want to practice outside of my state, do I need to operate as a coach?

So if I choose to continue practicing only inside of my home state, maintaining my license and not becoming a coach, do I still need your program?

To become a coach, do I need to give up my medical degree or my license?

As a coach, are you allowed to order labs?

And so ordering tests, do people pay out of pocket for all the tests or how does that work?

What do you do about vitals?

What do I need to do about being contracted with insurance?

How do you deal with patients who want to continue to use their local provider?

So what kind of a price tag are you looking at for labs? I mean, is it the typical price that someone would pay for Quest labs?

So how are you finding your clients? What do you do to attract clients to you?

It seems like you know a lot about business, how have you learned?

Do you still use your MD license?

Do you carry malpractice insurance or do you have to do anything like that?

What other overhead costs are involved that you feel are important?

Do you need to use an EMR as a coach or how does that work?

I’m pretty new to functional medicine and am interested in seeing your protocols for fatigue that don’t require any prescriptions. How can I access these?

When do I add coaches into my program?

How many 1-on-1 and group visits do you currently have per week? And how much do you make?

Am I going to need to create a website and funnels on my own in this program?

How do I create the copy (text) for my emails, website, etc?

Do you ever get concerned about not having a set of vitals or not having the ability to examine someone?

How long would it take me to get my new practice up and running?

How much of a time commitment is the program?

If I’m going to work 3 days per week is it realistic to think I can make $200k per year?

I am currently working a job. Am I able to overlap with both jobs for a little while, just to make sure that things are going well?

What are the 7 steps that are included in the Virtual MD Program?

Do you help me create my messaging?

Is there a niche that you won’t help me work in?

If I focus on helping people with fatigue and you focus on fatigue is it a conflict of interest for you to help me?

How much access do I get to you?

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